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Hollywood Undead – American Tragedy

This week, I decided to review “American Tragedy”. It’s an album with the upcoming band Hollywood Undead. As most “HU” fans know, one of the previous members, Deuce, was voted out in 2009 for multiple personal reasons. They introduced new member Daniel “Danny” Murillo to the band, and “American Tragedy” is the first ever studio recorded album with the newest member.

Newest HU Member

Danny, newest member of Hollywood Undead



Danny’s voice, in my opinion, is way better than Deuce’s. Deuce kind of made them sound like a crappy scene band (Again, my personal beliefs!), while Danny just…doesn’t. It’s hard to explain, but honestly, I’ve seen/heard Deuce live and he kind of sucks. Danny — not so much. As a matter of fact, he’s pretty damn good!

So, with that said, here is my interview for “American Tragedy”.


If you’re a TRUE Hollywood undead fan, this is you’re album. You shouldn’t care that Deuce was kicked out; as a matter of fact, bringing Danny into the band gave HU an entirely new sound, a more mature sound. Sure it’s a little more “Poppy” than “Swan Songs”, but that’s what happens sometimes when a band brings EXPERIMENTS. J-Dog said this was an experimental album, and I think they’ve found their sound. If you love that mixture of rock with a couple pop songs with a dash of humor, you’ve got one epic album on your hands. It’s a middle finger to the haters and a big ol’ hug to HU’s most loyal fans.

American Tragedy Cover